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Tips for Picking a Winning Hashtag

Tips to Pick a Winning Hashtag Most social media platforms that have a large fan-following now support hashtags, which has placed a new tool in the hands of marketers worldwide. Many businesses are launching Twitter, Instagram and now even Facebook campaigns that centre around specific hashtags. If your company is preparing to begin a hashtagRead the full article  →

Twitter Buys Dasient

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Also, it is quite different from most other social networking platforms in the way it operates. However, like all the other social networking sites, it also faces a lot of security issues. To deal with these issues, Twitter recently bought a start-up calledRead the full article  →

Enhanced Profiles for Twitter Advertisers

Social media marketing has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. It has helped in making brands like Facebook into multi-billion dollar companies. The main reason for this is the advertising revenue. With the number of people visiting these sites growing each day, the ad space on these sites has become very valuable. SitesRead the full article  →

The Truth About Twitter

A Comical Approach to Understanding Twitter.

Follow Google on Twitter

Google’s New Twitter Account

Uploading to Twitter From Ezine Articles

My good friend John Alexander sent me the news last week that you can now upload your Ezine Articles to Twitter. Check out these easy to follow instructions  and get started.