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5 Basic SEO Tips That Apply To Your Web Page For 2016

This month, I wanted to include a few SEO Tips for those of you who are getting self-started in optimizing your Web pages. From month to month there are things that keep changing in importance, so this post is specific tips that may not be exactly new – yet they are still quite influential inRead the full article  →

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Simple Tips To Increase Your Web Influential Factors by Barry Byers

For today’s post I wanted to provide you with some easy ways to increase the “influential factors” of your Website. What we mean by influential factors are simple yet powerful ways that you can persuade more of your Web visitors to take action, once they are on your Web page.

How To Help Your Web Readers Instantly Grasp Your Message by Barry Byers

One of the oldest considerations in helping your Web readers to instantly understand your written word, is worth sharing over and over again. There is nothing greater that you can do than deliver your message in a way that helps a reader’s understanding.

7 Types Of Web Content To Bolster Your Business by Barry Byers

Building fresh content and links does not really have to be a big chore. To often, business owners tend to think of how they create fresh content in a very limited capacity.

Exercising Due Diligence for SEO – Remember These Essential Tips by Barry Byers

There are 2 essential aspects to keep in mind when considering
hiring any SEO service providers. You want someone who has been properly educated and is currently
up to date on the full scope of search engine marketing skills. You want to know that the person you are dealing with has been
examined and found to be thuroghly competent in those skills
and has earned their certification of skills.

How to Make Customers of Your Social Media Fans

If you trawl the net, you will dig up tens of articles on how best to deal with dissatisfied fans on social media sites. You will also find many posts on how to reward your most valuable social media fans and customers. However, there are not many posts on how you can convert these silent followers or casual likers into fans.

Four Public Relations and Social Media Trends you Can Expect to See This Year

The world of public relations and social media are intertwined and ever-changing. You can’t afford to lag behind in this realm, because if you do not tap into the trends, someone else certainly will. Here are few public relations and social media trends that you can expect to see in 2014.

Encouraging Others to Share your Content on Google+

Encouraging Fans to Share your Content Though Google+ is not yet as popular, worldwide, as Facebook or Twitter, many companies and PR professionals are using it to promote their content. The largest benefit to Google+ is, of course, the fact that it is promoted by Google, the largest and most used search-engine in the world.Read the full article  →

Data Encryption and Its Effect on Paid Search

How Data Encryption Will Effect Paid Search On April 9th, 2014, Google made a leap in data security by extending data encryption to paid searches. The company has started removing query data from the ads that people who are using SSL enabled browsers, click on. The data will not be available outside of AdWords. SoRead the full article  →