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7 Types Of Web Content To Bolster Your Business by Barry Byers

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Building fresh content and links does not really have to be a big chore. To often, business owners tend to think of how they create fresh content in a very limited capacity.

A few common guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Set your imagination free and do not be bound by the same old rules. Think differently than your competition.
  • Always keep your focus on writing for your readers (not for yourself or for the search engines.)
  • When writing your new content, keep in mind who it is that you are writing for. Have a picture in your mind of your ideal readers age range, topic preferences and format your dialog so you are speaking "too them."

What types of fresh new content might you write next?

Let’s look at 7 Types Of Web Content you might consider
adding to keep your freshness up:

  1. Content that helps your reader solve a problem.
    This is wide open and might range anywhere from helpful insider tips to a more fully detailed "How-To Guide." Obviously one of the biggest reasons people are searching online – Is to find solutions to their problem at hand. Put on your thinking cap and create some new self help based content. If you can help people discover something that saves them time or saves them money then your content will often attract new links quite naturally.
  2. Ask yourself which types of questions that people seem to constantly be asking you?
    Is there something that seems to be a common question thatyou get over and over again. You may want to carefully provide the right answers to those questions in an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.
  3. Another subject that can garner a lot of attention is a page dedicated to an insightful interview with anwell known expert.
    It is not hard to write a querie letter to someone who is a well known authority in their special topic or field of expertise. If they agree to let you interview them then you can prepare a list of pre-planned questions to them to respond to by e-mail. Upon receiving their responses back then you can fashion a brand new "interview page."
  4. Create a simple biographical page about your own life.
    Or alternately, you might write a bio on the life of someone else who has some interesting experiences to share with your readers.
  5. Keeping the time of year in mind, create some seasonaltype articles, based on the trends you see in Google Insights.
    Your whole goal is to write a few seasonally based articles using traditional traffic spikes that you see for certain keyword phrases. It is smart to get these types of article written, online and indexed at least a couple months ahead of time (based on whether it be Christmas, Halloween, Easter or whatever the season.)
  6. Create an eye-opening page of industry related statistics.
    Of course you’ll need to be sure to use genuine findings from some recognized or authoritative source. Always be sure to credit who that source is to readers, as well.
  7. Add a fresh News related page to your site.
    News related to your industry or Web topic of interest is an easy way to ensure some aspect of content freshness.After all, there is always going to be something that is newsworthy happening. Readers love reading the latest news.

In Summary:

The list does not end here because there is always more you can add in to your Web site to help bolster your business and keep your readers and the search engines coming backover and over again.

Other suggestions you might want to consider adding would be locational maps to your business, historical info and data, client photos, client testimonials, an interactive forum, specific product or service reviews, client contests and the list goes on and on.

About SEO Master Instructor Barry Byers:

Barry operates the Search Engine Academy Toronto. His hands–on business background, first in the Canadian fashion industry and then in marketing where he ran a leading national Yellow Pages advertising agency allowed him to quickly recognize and adapt to the growing importance of the Internet to businesses of all size.

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