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A Few Tips worth Considering in Pay-per-Click Advertising – Part 1

Pay per click advertising is an effective way for a company to generate traffic to its website. If planned and executed properly, a PPC campaign can result in increased conversion rates for a website. If you own a website for your business and would wish it to improve its online presence, then the following tips should be of use to you.

Do not target too many PPC keywords

An important point to remember in PPC advertising is to limit yourself to a small number of keywords. Although choosing large number of keywords may seem to be profitable, it can actually prove otherwise here, since targeting becomes less precise with larger amount of keywords and this affects the conversion rates adversely.

Picking the right keywords may seem puzzling initially. The best approach is to try out a number of keywords and see how they perform, i.e. see which ones bring better conversion rates. This should give you an idea of the different keywords that are worth bidding on.

Stay away from keywords with high PPC bids

There could be a number of keywords that have excellent conversion rates, but it would be wise to avoid them, as the competition for these keywords would be fierce and they could also be expensive. For a small business, investing in such keywords may drain away the budget and yet may not deliver the results due to the intense competition. Bidding on slightly cheaper keywords may well turn out to be effective for your PPC campaign.