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A Few Tips worth Considering in Pay-per-Click Advertising – Part 2

Here’s the continuation of tips of PPC campaign which can increase the conversion rate of a website.

Track your Conversions

A very important aspect of a Pay per click advertising campaign is to keep tracking conversions. Software for tracking conversions can be found online. Some of these even show the amount that was spent on your campaign and the profit gained. Look out for software with such features even if it means spending a little money, as they give a clearer picture of how your PPC campaign has worked.

Budget your PPC campaign wisely

Preparing the budget of your PPC campaign is also important and needs to be carefully worked out. This would require a lot of research into the keywords, their pricing, possible conversion rates etc. Based on one or more of these factors, the budget for your PPC campaign will have to be decided upon. One way to limit your budget is by imposing a limit on how many times your ad will appear along with search engine results.

Do not brush SEO aside

Though Pay per click advertising is a faster way of generating traffic in a short period of time, this obviously does not mean that you should brush aside the importance of an SEO campaign. Many people do this mistake of belittling SEO since they take longer to generate the desired traffic. The fact is that both PPC and SEO complement each other in that the latter brings out long term benefits whereas the former is best suited for immediate results. Even if one of them fails, there is always the other that can deliver.