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Advertisers Show Interest in Foursquaropoly

In spite of having no brand name, no headquarters, no official titles and no funding, Foursquaropoly, a yet to be developed product, is already attracting advertisers. The concept is being developed by three fresh Miami Ad School grads – Deanna McDonalds, Jaclyn Shelton and Sean Tiraatanakul. The video posted by the mobile app developers last Thursday generated a considerable amount of interest among advertisers.

Foursquaropoly is a social game inspired by classic board game Monopoly. Just as developers like Zynga have built products on Facebook, this game is being built on Foursquare’s API. Players will be awarded ‘money’ for checking in through Foursquare, which can then be used to purchase locations. Similar to the board game, the social game will allow players to buy and sell properties in the city. Going by the popularity that the classic board game still enjoys, Foursquaropoly seems like a great concept.

changed to avoid trademark issues. With studies suggesting that the branding messages advertised through social games receive more attention compared to other forms of online ads; this form of social media marketing has been rapidly gaining popularity among advertisers. The game developers, who work out of their apartments in Brooklyn and Manhattan, have been receiving inquiries about running promotions on the game from a number of ad agencies since their video went live. The growing interest among indicates that advertisers recognize the potential held by the concept.