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Algorithm Changes Made by Google

Google is by far the most popular search engine, and the reason for this is the efficiency with which it works. Google keeps updating its algorithm to provide users with what they are looking for. Google’s algorithms have always remained a heavily guarded secret, but in recent times they have started becoming more transparent with the changes they make. Here are some of these changes.

  • One of the changes is that the short text that is displayed on the search engine result page (SERP) often called meta-description will be taken from the content of the page rather than the header text or the menu of the page.
  • Also, text for navigational links that is repeated will not be given more weightage. Apps play a major role on today’s markets, and if they are marked correctly then the SERP will display not only the cost but the user review as well.
  • Google used to use images, which had reference form multiple locations on the internet, as a factor for ranking but has now removed it.
  • It has also taken steps to provide more specific results when users use a date range for their queries.

Most of these changes have been made on a global level or for the people that speak English, but a few of them are also meant only for the foreign markets. Google has put in a lot of effort in improving Cross Language Information retrieval and the webpages will have an additional title that will link the user directly to the translated version of the page. People should use SEO training Canada if they want to take full advantage of these changes.