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Twitter Buys Dasient

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Also, it is quite different from most other social networking platforms in the way it operates. However, like all the other social networking sites, it also faces a lot of security issues. To deal with these issues, Twitter recently bought a start-up calledRead the full article  →

Changes in Google+

Ever since Google launched its social networking platform Google+, it has always been trying to improve it. Recently, Google announced few more changes and some of them were aimed at Google Brands Pages. When Google pages were first launched, one of the biggest complaints was that there could only be a single administrator for everyRead the full article  →

Google AdWords Social Extensions

Google+ has been working hard to increase its user base so that it can catch up with Facebook. One of these steps has been the introduction of Google+ brand pages. Now, you have an option to link your Google+ business page to your AdWords account using the Social Extensions feature. Now this is a newRead the full article  →

Google+ Makes a Big Mistake

Google+ has emerged as the only real contender against Facebook over the past few years. Twitter might have a decent number of followers but it is does not aim to be a social media platform like Facebook or Google+. Facebook has been around for quite some time and is a well-established force. Google+ on theRead the full article  →

Factors Affecting the Value of Your Backlinks

Understanding the value of backlinks is essential for effective search engine optimization, but many website owners are under the impression that only the links themselves matter. SEO training Toronto can help you better understand various factors that affect the value of your backlinks. The factors include placement i.e. whether the link is on a deepRead the full article  →

Simple Tips to Identify Major SEO Issues

Search engine optimization is a continuous process. Search algorithms keep changing frequently and so does the content on competing sites. This makes it necessary to for you to constantly optimize your site. Many website owners find it difficult to identify potentially major SEO issues. Here are some simple tips to help you find and fixRead the full article  →

ICANN’s New Domain Plan – An Opportunity or a Threat

As the date of implementation of ICANN’s new domain plan draws closer, opinions regarding the proposal continue to remain divided. Until now websites had no choice but to opt for one of the 22 existing domains like .org and .com or .uk, .ca and other 250 country specific domains. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names andRead the full article  →

Understanding Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for website owners. Many businesses create websites without optimizing them for the right keywords. Researching the keyword basically involves analyzing and identifying a word or a phrase that can bring in significant traffic to your website. Recognizing these keywords is a huge help in building your online presence. Keywords areRead the full article  →

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Companies

Social media marketing techniques are getting advanced day by day. As small businesses grow and want to make their presence felt in the online community, they are making use of social tools to build better relations with consumers. Some strategies to make your online presence felt are given here. Videos and pictures help in explainingRead the full article  →

Links Building Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

Link building is one of the most effective ways of improving your search rank. A higher search rank means more website traffic. Try to get links from popular and relevant websites. If your website is linked to authoritative sites, it can greatly improve your search rank. All links need not be do-follow. A combination ofRead the full article  →