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Simple Tips To Increase Your Web Influential Factors by Barry Byers

For today’s post I wanted to provide you with some easy ways to increase the “influential factors” of your Website. What we mean by influential factors are simple yet powerful ways that you can persuade more of your Web visitors to take action, once they are on your Web page.

Encouraging Others to Share your Content on Google+

Encouraging Fans to Share your Content Though Google+ is not yet as popular, worldwide, as Facebook or Twitter, many companies and PR professionals are using it to promote their content. The largest benefit to Google+ is, of course, the fact that it is promoted by Google, the largest and most used search-engine in the world.Read the full article  →

Google’s Search Results May Give Secure Websites an Advantage in the Future

Secure Sites May Rank Better in Google’s Search Results in the Future Google is contemplating tweaking its search engine algorithm so that secured websites receive a higher ranking on its search engine results than unsecured websites. Matt Cutts, who heads the search spam division at Google also echoed a similar sentiment at an SMX West event. HeRead the full article  →

Changes in Google+

Ever since Google launched its social networking platform Google+, it has always been trying to improve it. Recently, Google announced few more changes and some of them were aimed at Google Brands Pages. When Google pages were first launched, one of the biggest complaints was that there could only be a single administrator for everyRead the full article  →

Google+ Makes a Big Mistake

Google+ has emerged as the only real contender against Facebook over the past few years. Twitter might have a decent number of followers but it is does not aim to be a social media platform like Facebook or Google+. Facebook has been around for quite some time and is a well-established force. Google+ on theRead the full article  →

Significant Recent Changes in Google’s Search Algorithm

The simplicity of Google search is based on a complex set of algorithms. Every year, more than 500 changes are made to Google’s algorithm. The search engine giant recently made a number of fresh changes to its algorithm. While generating page titles, Google takes into account a number of things. The anchor text in linksRead the full article  →

Using AdWords ValueTrack Parameters

ValueTrack, the AdWords URL-tagging feature, offers useful information on each of your ad clicks. This data can help you optimize your targeting criteria and maximize your ROI. Although a useful feature, its functionality is lesser known compared to other AdWords features. Marketers can currently include fifteen ValueTrack parameters in their ad destination URLs. When aRead the full article  →

Changes in Webmaster Tools Link Data Categorization

Links to your website are divided by Google Webmaster Tools into two categories – internal links (links originating within your site) and external links (links from external websites). With the latest changes in link data categorization, the total number of links will remain unchanged, but there will be some changes in the number of internalRead the full article  →

Tips for Creating Successful Blogs

You can increase the traffic on your website or blog with SEO. Effective blogging can help you connect with your clients and increase your website ranking. Here are a few tips to increase the traffic to your website. The first thing you need to do is choose a suitable hosting platform for your blog. ItRead the full article  →

Impact of Google Social Search on SEO

In mid February, Google updated Social Search, one of a series of recent modifications. The concept behind Social Search involves Google account holders doing a search and getting the most relevant results combined with those deemed important by Google from your social networks as well. Of course, at present, these new social search results dependRead the full article  →