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How To Help Your Web Readers Instantly Grasp Your Message by Barry Byers

One of the oldest considerations in helping your Web readers to instantly understand your written word, is worth sharing over and over again. There is nothing greater that you can do than deliver your message in a way that helps a reader’s understanding.

7 Types Of Web Content To Bolster Your Business by Barry Byers

Building fresh content and links does not really have to be a big chore. To often, business owners tend to think of how they create fresh content in a very limited capacity.

Encouraging Others to Share your Content on Google+

Encouraging Fans to Share your Content Though Google+ is not yet as popular, worldwide, as Facebook or Twitter, many companies and PR professionals are using it to promote their content. The largest benefit to Google+ is, of course, the fact that it is promoted by Google, the largest and most used search-engine in the world.Read the full article  →

The Various Social Media Platforms & Their Audiences

Social Media Outlets for Business There is no doubt that social media platforms are key tools for any business hoping to communicate and engage with a virtual audience. Each of the popular social media platforms today have unique components and benefits to offer, and often enable access to a slightly varied audience platform by platform.Read the full article  →

Twitter Buys Dasient

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Also, it is quite different from most other social networking platforms in the way it operates. However, like all the other social networking sites, it also faces a lot of security issues. To deal with these issues, Twitter recently bought a start-up calledRead the full article  →

Enhanced Profiles for Twitter Advertisers

Social media marketing has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. It has helped in making brands like Facebook into multi-billion dollar companies. The main reason for this is the advertising revenue. With the number of people visiting these sites growing each day, the ad space on these sites has become very valuable. SitesRead the full article  →

ICANN’s New Domain Plan – An Opportunity or a Threat

As the date of implementation of ICANN’s new domain plan draws closer, opinions regarding the proposal continue to remain divided. Until now websites had no choice but to opt for one of the 22 existing domains like .org and .com or .uk, .ca and other 250 country specific domains. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names andRead the full article  →