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Google AdWords Social Extensions

Google+ has been working hard to increase its user base so that it can catch up with Facebook. One of these steps has been the introduction of Google+ brand pages. Now, you have an option to link your Google+ business page to your AdWords account using the Social Extensions feature. Now this is a newRead the full article  →

Tips for Successful PPC Campaigns

For a majority of sites, search engines are the main source of traffic. As more and more people use search engines to look for desired products and services, the importance of search ads is also increasing. Today PPC campaigns are one of the most popular online marketing tools. Some guidelines for an effective pay perRead the full article  →

PPC Ads for Selling Your Products

Pay per click (PPC) ads refer to online ads that appear next to the search results on search engines like Google or Yahoo. It is better than traditional marketing methods such as advertising on television or other media tools as PPC ads target specific customers. It is also an economical option as advertisers are requiredRead the full article  →

Growing Popularity of Mobile Coupons

Even before online display ads and PPC management came into the picture, marketers have been using coupons to market their products and services. But now, coupons are being offered not only in newspapers and on websites, but also on mobile phones. Mobiles coupons, although new compared to other forms of coupons, are rapidly gaining popularity.Read the full article  →

A Few Tips worth Considering in Pay-per-Click Advertising – Part 2

Here’s the continuation of tips of PPC campaign which can increase the conversion rate of a website. Track your Conversions A very important aspect of a Pay per click advertising campaign is to keep tracking conversions. Software for tracking conversions can be found online. Some of these even show the amount that was spent onRead the full article  →

A Few Tips worth Considering in Pay-per-Click Advertising – Part 1

Pay per click advertising is an effective way for a company to generate traffic to its website. If planned and executed properly, a PPC campaign can result in increased conversion rates for a website. If you own a website for your business and would wish it to improve its online presence, then the following tipsRead the full article  →

Pay per Click Advertising and Its Benefits – Part 2

Here’s the continuation of advantages that pay per click advertising offers to your company’s online presence. Cost effective Compared with other mediums of advertising like television, print and radio, pay per click advertising seems to be the most effective. In television and radio, the advertising rates are charged for each second while for print itRead the full article  →

Pay Per Click Advertising and its Benefits – Part 1

Terms like Pay-per-Click advertising and Return on Investment can seem too complicated to people who are yet to be familiar with online marketing. Some people are even discouraged from trying it out due to this. But the fact is that pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a very simple task to understand and execute when youRead the full article  →

Pay Per Click Advertising is an Important Component to the Marketing of Your Company

A brief look at the importance of PPC Advertising and why your marketing team should obtain PPC training.

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