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Changes in Google+

Ever since Google launched its social networking platform Google+, it has always been trying to improve it. Recently, Google announced few more changes and some of them were aimed at Google Brands Pages. When Google pages were first launched, one of the biggest complaints was that there could only be a single administrator for every page. However, now that limit has been increased to 50. Also, users now have the ability to adjust the volume for their circles.

When Google+ Pages was first launched people had a lot of trouble because there was no way an admin could post on the brand page without giving his/her personal account information to someone else. Not only this, now users will be able to see how many people have +1’d the page and how many users have added the page to their circles. Another important change is that all the admins of the page will be notified about every activity going on the page.

You might have seen the ‘How Many Updates’ feature on Facebook. The new volume control feature for circles is pretty similar. However, the Facebook controls are applicable to personal users, but the changes made by Google are applicable to all the circles. User can select from different options from streams regarding the volume. They can go for ‘Show everything from this circle’, ‘show most, ‘show fewer’, and ‘show none’. Google notifications have also been modified as users will be able to see a small preview without going to the post. To learn more you should visit SEO workshop Toronto.