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Changes in Webmaster Tools Link Data Categorization

Links to your website are divided by Google Webmaster Tools into two categories – internal links (links originating within your site) and external links (links from external websites). With the latest changes in link data categorization, the total number of links will remain unchanged, but there will be some changes in the number of internal and external links. The update will result in a more accurate alignment of your backlinks.

Webmaster Tools allows you to manage many different types of websites like sites in a subfolder (, a subdomain ( or a main domain ( Until now, only those links that began with a website’s exact URL were categorized as internal. This means that if your site URL is, previously, links from or used to be considered as external. Only links like were categorized as internal.

Even if you entered as your URL, links from were categorized as external because the URL is not exactly same in the two cases. The latest changes ensure a more accurate categorization.

A majority of people consider and as the same. Subsequent to the recent changes, links from both the versions, with and without www, will be categorized as internal, regardless of which version you add as your site. Moreover, as many domain owners also own its subdomains, links from these sites will also be categorized as internal links. This means that the number of internal links is likely to increase and external links will decrease, although the total number of links will remain the same.

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