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Encouraging Others to Share your Content on Google+

Encouraging Fans to Share your Contentgoogle plus share2

Though Google+ is not yet as popular, worldwide, as Facebook or Twitter, many companies and PR professionals are using it to promote their content. The largest benefit to Google+ is, of course, the fact that it is promoted by Google, the largest and most used search-engine in the world. Google+ also has its own dedicated fan base, preferring it to any other social media platform. Here are a few tips on how you can encourage people to share your content on Google+.

Finding Fans on Google+

Part of your job as a marketing professional is to recognize the people who will identify with your messages and brand identity, and then share it with others in their networks. These are your loyal fans (brand evangelists), people who love your product or service and are eager to tell the world about it. Google+ can put you in touch with such people, widening your pool of both clients and interested viewers.

When you set out to find your new fans, you will want to start by creating at least 3 Google+ circles, so that you can organize and track them. You could call these, for examples, ‘Potential Candidates’, ‘Fans Who Engage’ and ‘My Brand Evangelists’.

Search for users who are discussing your brand, topic or product. Add all of these users to your ‘Potential Candidates’ circle. Not all of those you find will be true brand evangelists, so you will have to cast a wider net initially. To find such people, use keywords and hashtags related to your business, niche or brand. Exploit the “Ripples” feature to find people with considerable influence. Ripples visually represent the public shares generated by a user’s link. The bigger the Circle, the more influence he or she wields. You can also browse through your competitors pages to find more people who might fit into your Circles.

Engage with the Users in your Circles

People will not automatically connect with you just because you have them in your Circles. You will need to engage with them proactively. Click on their Circles to see their content and begin by commenting, sharing and giving them +1s. Since you just starting off, you will have to do this often so that you can remain on the user’s radar. Once you start engaging with their content, in all probability, they will also engage with your content. Soon you will see that some people are connecting with you more than the rest. Move them to your ‘Fans Who Engage’ circle.

Special Offers and Inviting Users to Opt-in Through Private Emails

Create a special offer for the people in your ‘Fans Who Engage’ circle and send it to them via private message with an opportunity to opt-in. By doing this, you will know who is more interested in your company than the average person, and could be a good evangelist for your brand by sharing content and spreading your message for you. When your fans share your content with their friends, they are actually giving it their own personal stamp of approval. Market research shows that people are more likely to trust and buy a product if it comes recommended by someone close to us.

Note that the message that you send should fulfill your users’ unique needs. Go beyond discounts and get creative. Ensure that the message is special enough that it feels as though they are being provided a unique service or opportunity, and not simply being spammed. In the same mail, invite the prospects to opt-in to a mailing list. Move all those who opt-in to your ‘My Brand Evangelists’ circle.

Working with users who love your brand, and are willing to help you promote it in a positive way, will transform your experience on Google+. It may also help you improve your standing in Google search results, and that is a huge bonus!