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Exercising Due Diligence for SEO – Remember These Essential Tips by Barry Byers

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There are 2 essential aspects to keep in mind when considering hiring any SEO service providers.

  1. You want someone who has been properly educated and is currently up to date on the full scope of search engine marketing skills.
  2. You want to know that the person you are dealing with has been examined and found to be thuroghly competent in those skills and has earned their certification of skills.

So here are 9 important things to keep in mind when looking for qualified SEO help:

First, A Few Red Flags:

  • Be wary of anyone who "guarantees" you a number one ranking in Google or other search engines. These offers are designed to "look safe" and "sound safe" so that you *think* you cannot possibly lose out. Anyone who claims to guarantee you top spot is a "red flag" because Google themselves, warn you that there is no one that can guarantee top spot.
  • Ever since personalization of search began occurring a few years ago, there really is no more defined top spots in a specific numbered sequence. Anyone who has an understanding of how personalization or search works, will know that all results these days are personalized so that each searcher may see results that are displayed based on their own personal search interests.
  • This one is very old, but watch out for anyone emphasizing the aspect of "Web page submissions." Submitting to a "Directory" is still fine, but there are good reasons why you should NOT submit to search engines.

Next – Tips For Performing Your Due Diligence:

  • Never feel that you literally have to become an programming expert in order to get your Web site performing well. Even if you have no interest in building the skills, you can still get a solid education in all of the principles and techniques that will help you easily identify truth from error. Your education can literally save you thousands of wasted dollars and get your project launched correctly the very FIRST time.
  • All training companies are not equal. There are companies that say they will teach you SEO skills, but in the end, they are hoping to make your learning "seem more difficult" – in hopes of having you decide to hire THEM to do the work. Some will give you some general base knowledge but then they want you to buy their special SEO tools like an up-sell (usually very expensice.)
  • Have a look to see if your SEO talent has ever delivered any training on behalf a major search engine? Not too many training organizations have been approached or selected to deliver educational seminars on behalf of a major search engine, but there are some.
  • Find out if the SEO training firm is recognized by any established educational institutions. If so it means that at least a University or governing educational authority has examined the curriculum and exams in detail and the company has had to comply to meet a certain standard in order for the University to stand behind them. An example would be University Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.s)
  • Does the training organization offer an annual re-certification program to ensure that the SEO keeps their skills right up to date?
  • Does the SEO training organization have a history of successful students that can demonstrate how their skills have impacted their Web site business or client’s business?
  • Do they offer extended "mentoring programs for ongoing support?"

Finally, before you make your final decision or enter into any agreement, it is up to you to perform proper due diligence to ensure that the SEO/SEM team you hire has got what it takes. Not just to improve your rankings, but to improve your conversions and improve your bottom line too.

About SEO Master Instructor Barry Byers:

Barry operates the Search Engine Academy Toronto. His hands–on business background, first in the Canadian fashion industry and then in marketing where he ran a leading national Yellow Pages advertising agency allowed him to quickly recognize and adapt to the growing importance of the Internet to businesses of all size.

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