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Few Simple SEO Tips to Boost Business – Part 1

Promoting your business online caters you to a wider market. For this reason, you must take the steps to enhance the visibility of your website in search engine results. Following a few search engine optimization techniques will be helpful in boosting your site’s place in search engine rankings.

Keyword research

It is important to use the right keywords in search engine optimization if you are targeting a specific audience. You must also be aware of the most frequently used keywords that are related to your business. Keyword research tools like Word tracker are very useful in finding the right keywords to ensure better results in search engine rankings.

Choose the right page titles

Page titles refer to the text appearing on top of the browser window. The page title serves the function of indicating what the contents in the page is all about. Search engines take this factor pretty seriously, so it is important that you choose the right title tag for your page, limiting it to around six words and inserting the keyword, if possible.

Keep adding new content

Another important thing to do is to keep adding new content to your site. Sites that are frequently updated with new content are indexed more often by search engines than those that add updates once in a while. Even adding fresh content once a week or two weeks will do enough to keep your site regularly indexed by search engines.

Add alt tags to images

Search engines normally do not index images, so if your webpage has a lot of images, adding an alt tag to each of them will help them get noticed. Add a description for the image in the alt tag with the keyword in between. An SEO professional is normally aware of these factors, in case you plan to hire one.