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Four Public Relations and Social Media Trends you Can Expect to See This Year

Public Relations and Social Media Trends

The world of public relations and social media are intertwined and ever-changing. You can’t afford to lag behind in this realm, because if you do not tap into the trends, someone else certainly will. Here are few public relations and social media trends that you can expect to see in 2014.

Surrender Some PR and Social Media Ground to your Brand’s Superfans

Who is better qualified to promote a brand than those who already love it? Superfans are people who talk about a brand online, advocating its products or services and generally spreading the word about it whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Mark Collier, who wrote the book, ‘Think Like a Rockstar’ says that most brands are marketing to the wrong people and that connecting with the brand’s biggest fans is where the real money lies. He adds that these fans will often acquire customers for the brand via word-of-mouth. Connecting with these superfans, giving them tools to help, and treating them like your number one customers at all times, will go a long way in promoting your brand. Essentially, companies must show these customers the love, reciprocating the manner in which the fans love them.

Give Up Some Control

To get control over the market, be willing to give up some control. It might sound scary, but it works. Giving up control is an important concept. You will have to embrace it if you want your brand or company to succeed. Your brand does not belong to you alone; it also belongs to your fans and to the community at large. Formerly, fans could not create original content about a particular brand. The only real way they could give feedback in the past was through opinion polls or surveys. With the growth of social media, fans are now able to produce personalized content – posts, tweets, video testimonials, etc. Take a hard look at your current media strategy. Try to create content that is geared specifically towards your fans. Give them the tools to advertise your brand and watch them do your work for you.

Content Should be More Strategic and Developed with a Long-Term Vision

Some companies have organized their content so well that by the beginning of the year, they would have already planned their major themes for the next 12 months and even created and scheduled their Tweets and Facebook posts. An advantage to this is that it gives them the freedom to fit in and work around reactive and often sudden developments without disrupting their normal work schedule. Think strategically and plan for the long-term to ensure your PR and social media strategies are effective.

Be Useful to your Fans and Customers

This is a timeless and simple tip. If you want to boost your brand or company’s popularity, you have to prove to your customers and fans that you can be useful to them. Jay Baer, a marketing consultant and best-selling author of Youtility, says that your marketing content should be so useful and valuable to your fans and customers that they would actually pay to access it.

If you provide useful information to your customers, the kind that they are seeking, you will gain respect in their eyes. You are showing that selling to them is not your only motive. Ideally, this should also lead to higher sales. Use your online presence to give utility to your customers first and then try to promote your brand or company.