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Get Into Google Local with SEO Training

Whether you are a local restaurant, a national bank, or a trendy boutique, it is important to be found on Google Local. When customers go to Google and search for a particular type of business establishment, most often they will select one that is close to where they are currently located.

Google Local is the portion of Google that takes your IP address, and based on this, shows you a map with 7 possible options close to you. For example, let’s say that you are in the heart of downtown Toronto and you are looking for a restaurant to eat at for dinner. You go to Google and type in the keyword “restaurant”. Under the search results, the map displays restaurants including Bistro 990 and Panorama Lounge & Restaurant.

It is important—especially for local establishments—to appear as one of the seven listed on the map for the keyword that you are going after. In order to learn how to get your company on that list take an SEO training Toronto course. There are lots of different courses to choose from that will aid in getting your company into this seven pack. It will greatly enhance your business.