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Google AdWords Social Extensions

Google+ has been working hard to increase its user base so that it can catch up with Facebook. One of these steps has been the introduction of Google+ brand pages. Now, you have an option to link your Google+ business page to your AdWords account using the Social Extensions feature. Now this is a new addition and there might be few glitches, but it can prove quite effective for your PPC campaign.

Firstly, you need to know what these social extensions are. They are just Google’s way of marking the followers that you have on Google+ on the PPC ad that appears on Google search result pages. There are two types of social extensions available as of now. One of them is a personal social extension that shows the number of people that +1 your Google+ brand page. The other is called the basic social extension. When it’s used, you will get to see the number of people that have +1’d the Google+ page or the landing page of your site across the web.

Even though social extensions are still in nascent stages it has been observed that ads with social extensions enabled have a better CTR (Click through rate).One of the most significant benefit is that as of now very few people are using them, so you can gain an upper hand over your competitors. Also, it only takes a few minutes to setup the extension and it gives your ads a lot more credibility. It helps in increasing your visibility as well, because the +1’s on your ads will also be reflected in your Google+ page. You can use PPC training to use this feature in a better manner.