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Google+ All Set to Redefine the Social Domain

Google is all set to take on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with its latest product, Google+. Facebook had successfully ousted Orkut, a Google enabled social network site. Now Google, with Google+, aims to gain the rein back.

Google+ is steadily gaining popularity. Although it is not possible for people to join Google+ without being extended friendship requests for the time being, the community is gradually attracting many members.

The user interface of Google+ has just four key elements: Home, Profile, Circles and Photos, and it does not include any games. There are options to share, host videos and photos, and delete and edit them as well. The ‘Stream’ is similar to Facebook’s news feed and you also have the option to ‘mute’ conversations. The ‘Sparks’ component brings to you videos and articles that it thinks you may like.

What makes Google+ stand out is the ‘Circle’ concept. This enables you to create your own social spheres which would include your friends, colleagues, classmates, acquaintances and other contacts at different circles. If you want to share specific information with only a specific group, say to your colleagues, you can do that and the others may not be able to see the information you have shared. This would assure you more privacy and can save you from many troubles like mere acquaintances getting information you don’t want them to know.

Mobile Google+ is functional on Apple’s iOS and on Android platform but not yet on Symbian platform.