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How Google’s Panda Update Could Affect Your Site

In late February, Google added the Panda or the Content Farmer Update to its search algorithm. This is specifically aimed at nosing out sub-prime ‘content farms’ and rank these poor quality sites lower in Google’s search results.

This approach is an effort to decrease search spam, ensuring content of the best quality is listed on Google’s first page of search results. The search engine states that the update is working well and projected that it will affect nearly 12 percent of total searches.

Websites affected negatively by the Panda update have been reporting average traffic cuts in the range of 30 to 40 percent. Of course if your site has seen an increase instead, the update has benefited it. However, once ‘content farms’ adapt their approach and improve the depth and quality of their content, competition will once again become fierce on Google search.

Google stated that the algorithm change was made with specific intent and certain factors were used to guide modifications. These include questions on whether the products and services advertised seemed safe and claims credible, and whether users could trust the site with credit card information. Issues surrounding site aesthetics and design were also examined, as also the number and relevance of ads featured on pages. Quality of content is also considered by the Panda algorithm.

The update is beneficial for sites that have been focusing all along on providing visitors with pleasing and user-friendly site design, refraining from displaying obtrusive advertising and creating relevant, quality content. Enlisting the help of a local search engine marketing company to help you fulfill these criteria would be an excellent first step in increasing your Google page rank.