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How To Help Your Web Readers Instantly Grasp Your Message by Barry Byers

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One of the oldest considerations in helping your Web readers to instantly understand your written word, is worth sharing over and over again. There is nothing greater that you can do than deliver your message in a way that helps a reader’s understanding.

Always remember to consider the average “reading level”

To put it simply, your message should be communicated at a level that any grade 8 student could comfortably read. One such system for scoring the reading level of content, is called the FleschñKincaid readability scoring system.

For a much fuller description of how this works, please check out the following Wikipedia article:

It is very good to take the FleschñKincaid reading ease test score in mind, while writing your blog content or Web site articles. For example a score of between 60-70 in plain english is easily understood by 13 to 15 year -old students according to the matrix in the Wiki article.

There are also times when we see Web copy which is very difficult to read (usually on legal disclaimers with text added in huge blocks and all capitalized.) Have you ever noticed how difficult it is reading this type of page?

We actually find it more difficult to read, because the human brain actually recognizes words by the contour of the top of the letters. WHEN SOMETHING IS WRITTEN ALL IN CAPS, IT FORCES OUR BRAIN TO LITERALLY READ EACH WORD.

Other than the basic readability level, are there other things that can be of some help?

One area that most new writers could use a free handy tool to help them with their grammar and sentence structure is the Ginger Grammar checker:

It features a grammar checker, rephrasing tool and it features a free translation tool too.

Give it a spin now: