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How to Make Customers of Your Social Media Fans

Make Customers of Your Social Media Fans

If you trawl the net, you will dig up tens of articles on how best to deal with dissatisfied fans on social media sites. You will also find many posts on how to reward your most valuable social media fans and customers. However, there are not many posts on how you can convert these silent followers or casual likers into fans.

Followers and fans are very important if you want to market your business on the web. They post on social media sites, review your products by writing articles and blogs and best of all, they do it on their own. Understanding your fans and developing a strategy to deal with each of them can help you create customers out of them. Here are the seven types of brand followers and how to turn them into brand advocates.

Quiet Followers

Quiet followers will know your business, but are not your customers yet. They probably like you because the people close to them also like your brand. Quiet followers do not harm your online presence, but they do not do much to improve it either. You can best rope in these quiet followers by creating appealing content and including a strong call to action, which will encourage them to engage with you.

The Casual Liker

The casual liker connects with your brand because of a past experience like a purchase. Since they have engaged with your brand before, they want their friends to view them as a good source for recommendations. Casual likers can help boost your visibility on social media sites. Since they are already acquainted with your brand, the best way to engage with casual likers is by developing engaging and creative posts about popular and/or new products and services and encouraging them to share it.

The Deal Seeker

Deal seekers decide whether they want to purchase a product on not after looking at the value of the product/service. Loyalty is not so important to them. They like to stay up to date with businesses through social media. Deal seekers can also bring new sales into your business. Offer them promotions, deals and appreciation specials to attract more business and shares.

The Unhappy Customer

The unhappy customer will share negative experiences about your products/services on social media sites. They also expect quick responses to their issues. If you do not respond to these issues, or take care of their problems in a timely manner, it can negatively affect your online reputation and your brand potential. The best way to deal with unhappy customers is to monitor social media pages where your brand is likely to be mentioned frequently and give quick responses to negative messages professionally and with genuine interest.

The Ranter

The ranter need not be a customer, but you can potentially make him one. The ranter will have a strong opinion about your brand or your services. They are the ‘internet trolls’ that brands fear. If you are able to  give them a satisfactory answer and make them happy, you can quickly convert them into a customer. The key to dealing with ranters is to keep cool and engage in meaningful discussions, as well as avoiding conversations that are not connected to your brand or business.

The Cheerleader

The cheerleader is your social media evangelist. They will like, comment and share your posts as avid fans of your brand. They will enter  your promotions and contests and spread the word about your products and services. The cheerleader also builds awareness and community growth. You can engage with these customers by ensuring that your content is worthy of being talked about.

The Loyal Fan

The loyal fan will recommend your brand to his friends and family, both online and offline. They can provide both constructive criticism and valuable praise. They may also defend your brand from internet trolls and people who are dissatisfied with your products or services. The trick is to recognize the contribution these fans are making to your business through customer appreciation initiatives and engaging with them wherever possible.