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How Popular Search Engine Works?

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular methods for increasing website traffic. It is important to know how a search engine operates to be able to use SEO techniques to increase traffic on your website. Search engines look into the textual part of the website to get a brief idea about what it offers. This operation, called crawling, is performed by search engine spider or bots. SEO experts often use spider simulators to determine whether the website meta tags, title tags and the like are being correctly caught by the search engine spiders.

Crawling is followed by indexing of web pages. The process of indexing web pages involves identification of words and tags that describe them. Search engine then assigns the page to a particular keyword. The indexed page is stored in data repositories from where it can be easily retrieved when required. If a web page is optimized with relevant keywords, the chances of it being displayed on the first page of search results are higher.

When a query is entered, search engine processes it. It generates a search string for the requested query and compares it with the search string in the indexed database. Since millions of web pages may have the same search string, the search engine calculates the relevancy of each of the indexed page. Relevancy of the web page is calculated by a host of algorithms. These algorithms work on factors like keywords, metatags, links etc.

The last activity of the search engine is to retrieve the results and display them according to their relevance. Popular search engines keep updating their algorithm often. It is important to optimize your web pages in accordance with the changes in the algorithm. For search engine optimization to be effective, it needs to be carried out keeping in mind the working of a particular search engine.