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Importance of Mapping Keywords with Content

Anyone involved in SEO will tell you the importance of keywords. Even though this importance is well known, people often approach keyword research in a manner that is completely aloof form the strategy they use for creating content. Following different strategies for both these topics, that is, content creation and keyword research will leave you with a site that does not deliver any result.

A lot of people end up creating the page first and then try to rank it for a particular keyword. Then they try to modify the keyword, and this process continues till the time you reach a page that does not make much sense. To avoid such situations you should follow a particular strategy. The first step of this strategy involves shortlisting all the keywords that you would want to be ranked for. Once you have these words figured out, you should map them with the content on your pages according to how relevant they are.

The second step involves understanding the needs of the user. You should think about what the user would expect from the content of the page. If the page is about tennis racquets, the user would want to know how they are made, the quality, longevity, different brands, price and other information. Also, make sure that you have a page for a keyword that has a broad range, like tennis racquets. You should not use this page to target other keywords. Rather have this page link to other pages with specific keywords. You should opt for web analytics training for a better understanding of this.