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Keyword Match Types to SEO Your Website

One of the most important components of SEO is choosing the correct keywords for your specific web pages. It is the keywords that each page will be optimized for so that it increases the chances of your page becoming ranked on page one of Google.

When doing keyword research, you must consider the three different classes of keyword matching. I read an article by Chris Sisco of ZeroIn that shares a graphic which depicts this quite well.

The basic types of keyword matching are:

  • Broad Match: The searched keyword appears anywhere in the keyword phrase.
  • Phrase Match: The searched “keyword” appears as entered in the keyword phrase.
  • Exact Match: The search [keyword] is all that appears exactly in the keyword phrase.

This is a basic introduction to keyword match types that is an integral part of the keyword research. There are many courses in SEO training Toronto that teach these tips and many more. It is strongly advised to check one out in your local area to aid in search engine optimizing your website.