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Keyword Research for Local Search

Keyword research for local search is similar to regular keyword research. You have to find the best keywords for your business and then optimize for the local area.

For computer rentals in New York, as an example, the best keyword is computer rental.

Just add New York to the phrase so that the term New York Computer Rental appears in the meta tags, H1 tag, content and url if possible.

Here is more info on being found locally and keyword research:

You should make sure you have a free listing in and and

These three yellow page directories provide search engines with local business information in the US.

In Canada, check for your free listing as provides Google Canada with local business listings.

You need to add his company info to the Google Local Business Center and Yahoo Local

Local Search Terms:
Go to Google and start typing in your city name. As you type, Google will complete your entry with a variety of search terms related to the city. After the city, start entering your business type and Google will give you search term examples as well.

Go to Yahoo. Same as Google but Yahoo will give you words at the front of what you type and after what you type.

Use Wordtracker for the same reason as Yahoo!

Use the Google Keyword Tool – Click the edit button for the country of choice, enter your 3 or 4 generic terms for your business and sort the results by average monthly searches.

Next, set up a spreadsheet and compare the results for individual keywords across the tools you used. Choose the best keywords that convert into sales and add the city to the term.

It won’t take long once you get the hang of it.