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Lifecycle Email Marketing: Reaching to Customers Easily and Effectively

With the emergence of the internet, especially emails, communication has become much easier. From contacting people to purchasing products, internet has made it all so much simpler. Findings by ‘Strongmail’, an email marketing solution provider, reveal that companies that effectively make use of emails for sales, promotions and services, do gain an upper hand over those who do not use them.

With the help of ‘lifecycle email marketing’ or automated email marketing, companies can set up email campaigns that are deployed upon user-triggered actions like downloading a trial or purchasing a product online. Marketers are able to communicate with customers more effectively and in a personalized manner when using such automated emails, as the systems acts in response to customer-initiated actions.

The studies reveal that 46% marketers use such lifecycle email marketing systems. Marketers use this facility for welcome programs, up-sell and cross-sell programs and for post-purchase programs like customer service survey, product reviews etc. More than half the companies (57%) using this method saw steady gains in sales, while 39% were unsure of the results.

The companies that use automated email marketing were able to outdo those with traditional marketing programs such as general email blasts. They are also able to free up their sales force and increase their revenue.

However, despite the successes of email marketing, companies should also focus on authentic personal communication along with automated communication. This would ensure better feedback from customers, allowing the company to adjust its products or services accordingly.