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LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform to All Users

LinkedIn Announces Publishing Platform Open to All Users

LinkedIn2Recently, LinkedIn announced its plans to open its publishing platform to all users, giving anyone with a LinkedIn account the opportunity to blog on its site. Essentially, if you have a desire to share career advice or industry insights that would be useful to other members, LinkedIn wants to be the choice forum for hosting your relevant content.

This new feature will be rolled out in stages, with not every LinkedIn member able to test drive the platform right away. However, this aspect doesn’t seem to have diminished the excitement and anticipation any. LinkedIn officials have assured members that in time, the platform will be accessible to all of the sites users across the globe. Given that the user base ranges from Fortune 500 professionals to the self-employed, this news is bound to have a significant impact on the blogging inclined community at large.

Building on Success

Building on the success of their Influencers platform, a forum released in 2012 for around 500 elite professionals such as Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington to share their career experiences and insights on topics such as leadership, innovation, professional triumphs and failures, LinkedIn has now granted access to an additional 25,000 regular members with the ability to publish content. That capability will gradually be opened up to all LinkedIn members over the next few months.

Ryan Roslansky, Head of Content Products at LinkedIn, stated in an earlier interview that, on average, a post by an Influencer typically achieves more than 31,000 views and drew over 250 likes, plus nearly 100 comments. Clearly, a whole lot of people have been ‘influenced’ by this select group ever since the platform was introduced. The success of the pilot project is what prompted LinkedIn management to open up the platform to all of its users. The thought behind this initiative is that it will enable millions of LinkedIn users, and the public at large, to gain valuable advice and counsel from the collective expertise and experience of other members.

It’s Time to Take Publishing Seriously

This recent announcement about the expansion of the program clearly shows that LinkedIn is poised to lead the charge in terms of user-generated career focused content.  For subject matter experts and professionals from any industry niche, this is a great opportunity to exhibit your knowledge and expertise as well as add some substantial weight and credibility to your profiles. Of course, this is a win-win situation, because millions of other users will be able to gain new insights from these posts as well.

Once published, the article will be displayed on your user profile. The great news is that if your content is top notch, LinkedIn may even actively promote it to relevant audiences on their homepages or newsfeeds. According to a LinkedIn FAQ page, your activity will also affect your posts distribution. The more you engage with the platform the more reputation you’ll build, and the more likely members will be to follow you and your posts. LinkedIn also gives you access to analytics to gauge the reach of the content you have published. You will receive emailed reports on page views, likes and followers, which can also be accessed from your profile page.

Explosion of User Generated Content

Expanding its publishing platform is a clever move to keep more users actively engaged on LinkedIn’s site longer. In other words, it wants to be your number one destination for career content, not just a place you visit when you’re searching for a job, or seeking to connect with professionals in your immediate network.

Once the platform is open to all users, LinkedIn can expect a virtual explosion of user generated content. Speaking about managing the clutter that this expansion plan will inevitably result in, Ryan Roslansky reassures that with more content than ever being generated, more will be consumed too, and this dynamic will surely benefit the “entire ecosystem”.

The site’s Influencer community itself has grown significantly since the year it was first introduced, so there is little doubt that this will be the space to watch for anyone interested in quality news, advice and career tips hot off the presses from a variety of industries and professionals.