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Local SEO Learn the Basics

Right from Google: local represents 20% of their total search volume (April 2010).
Plus there has been speculation and sightings of local results displacing organic results on page 1.

Understand that local requires a different mindset from traditional SEO.
Traditional SEO is about optimizing websites, local SEO is about optimizing locations.

Want to be found for your keyphrase+your city?

Here are some of the basics to cover:
Log into Google Places and claim your listing
Do the same for Yahoo Local and Bing Local Listing Center

Use the same address and phone number

Why is it so important to do all three?
Trust, as trust and ranking are directly correlated.

Use one or two keywords in the business title

Max out your categories
Describe your products and services
Add photos and videos if possible
Use your contact page as your url

What to add to your webpage?
At the least add your address, in hCard  Microformat is better
Use city, province, state in your title tags
Use your city in the anchor text to your location page(s)