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A Look at Online Keyword Research Tools

There is no point in creating a website that your customers cannot find online. The easiest way to generate traffic for your site is to conduct proper keyword research. For this, many tools are available online. Quick research can be done using online keyword research tools, most of which are available for free on the internet. Some of the most convenient tools are mentioned below.

Google Adwords is known for its great functionality. The tool generates more than ten keyword ideas in one go. Though it is very easy to use, the tool generates keywords from an advertiser’s point of view and not that of a customer’s. WordTracker is another handy tool that gives you a list of almost hundred questions asked by customers. This can also help in giving you several ideas on topics to choose and what keywords to focus on. WordTracker, however, is not a free tool.

Google Suggest is a good way of finding what people usually type in the search box. As you start typing a word or a phrase, Google gives you 5 most commonly searched topics. This is a quick and easy way to conduct keyword research.

Though these keyword research tools are very helpful, they are not the final word when it comes to understanding what a potential customer is typing on popular search engines. The tools are just a way of providing you with new ideas for your blogs, posts and articles. You can choose the best tool for your needs depending on your optimization goals.