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New API for Google Analytics

Anyone who is involved in local search engine marketing will realize the importance of Google Analytics. Ever since the launch of version three of Google Analytics, there have been numerous updates to the product. Because of all these changes there was a need for a new API and finally developers have got what they wanted.

Previously, the developers had to use the Data Export API, but now this is defunct and has been replaced with the Google Analytics Core Reporting API. The change in the API is similar to the changes they have made to the APIs of other products and that includes he JavaScript client library which has been changed for a lot of Google products’ APIs.

This Core Reporting API has basically two versions. Version 3.0 is the latest release and it has libraries for other languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP. What is even more appealing about the new API is that it is 10 times more efficient at reducing the size of the outputted data compared to older APIs. The 2.4 version of the API is there to maintain compatibility with Data Export API that was version 2.3.

In version 3.0, the two major changes that the developers will notice is that authentication is through OAuth 2.0 and also JSON format is used for data output. Another important fact is that there is absolutely no compatibility with version 2.3 API. If you do decide to create custom apps using 2.3 version then you have to update in a span of 6 months. To learn more about Google Analytics you should try SEO training Toronto.