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Online Social Activities Affecting Offline Behavior

Social media has become an important part of everyday life for many people. It helps people stay connected, contact old friends and acquaintances, share photos and videos and discuss about everything under the sun. Social media has created such an impact that it now affects even the offline behavior of users.

A recent survey conducted by ‘Pew Internet & American Life Project’ discovered that 31% respondents frequent Facebook several times during the day and 21% use it once a day. 26% female users and 17% male users comment on Facebook once a day at least. The study reveals that female users outdo males in commenting on the posts. The study confirmed that Twitter ranks next to Facebook in popularity.

Opinions of friends on social media affect people much more than advertisements and endorsements by celebrities. A study conducted by ‘ROI Research’ reveals how online activities and opinions affect the offline behavior of people. The study titled ‘S-Net: The Impact of Social Media’ disclosed that 60% users take some kind of action when a friend posts something about a service, company, product or brand. They may either purchase the product of the company endorsed by a friend or recommend that particular product to others. These discussions and recommendations take place more on Twitter than on Facebook, with 61% people discussing a company or product, 51% recommending it and 58% purchasing the product.

It is clear from these studies that online social platforms have emerged as an effective forum for endorsement and promotion.