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Using TubeMogul to Syndicate Your Online Videos

I first learned about TubeMogul from Sherman Hu. I love to watch Sherman’s video tutorials because he doesn’t leave out any important details and he makes it easy to understand how to execute your blogging or video strategies.

TubeMogul tis a free tool you can use to syndicate your video to a dozen or more video websites. How does this help your business?

With Google’s universal search, videos appear more and more often in search results. In fact, last week, for a given local keyword, I noticed the same video, appearing on different video sites, ranking 1,2,3,4 and 8 for the appropriate keyword term.


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  1. I’ve used HeySpread to distribute 70+ videos to a bunch of other sites and it worked well. It clones your youtube videos and shooting them right into many of these other sites. Pretty low activity on the other video sites but if you keyword the title and use a nice description along with a link. It can add some footprints out there in the big web-forest.


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