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Google’s Search Results May Give Secure Websites an Advantage in the Future

Secure Sites May Rank Better in Google’s Search Results in the Future Google is contemplating tweaking its search engine algorithm so that secured websites receive a higher ranking on its search engine results than unsecured websites. Matt Cutts, who heads the search spam division at Google also echoed a similar sentiment at an SMX West event. HeRead the full article  →

4 Ways to Get Media Exposure Without Pitching

How to Get Media Exposure Without a Direct Pitch Consider that you handle media relations for your company and your company has asked you to pitch a story to the press in hopes of gaining some media exposure. In most cases, after a PR professional writes a press release or crafts a pitch for aRead the full article  →

The Various Social Media Platforms & Their Audiences

Social Media Outlets for Business There is no doubt that social media platforms are key tools for any business hoping to communicate and engage with a virtual audience. Each of the popular social media platforms today have unique components and benefits to offer, and often enable access to a slightly varied audience platform by platform.Read the full article  →

Tips for Picking a Winning Hashtag

Tips to Pick a Winning Hashtag Most social media platforms that have a large fan-following now support hashtags, which has placed a new tool in the hands of marketers worldwide. Many businesses are launching Twitter, Instagram and now even Facebook campaigns that centre around specific hashtags. If your company is preparing to begin a hashtagRead the full article  →

LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform to All Users

LinkedIn Announces Publishing Platform Open to All Users Recently, LinkedIn announced its plans to open its publishing platform to all users, giving anyone with a LinkedIn account the opportunity to blog on its site. Essentially, if you have a desire to share career advice or industry insights that would be useful to other members, LinkedInRead the full article  →

Social Media & Valentine’s Day

Every February 14, across North America and in many other places around the world, flowers, chocolates and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular greeting card holiday after Christmas. Valentine’s Day is, for many, not just a consumer holiday, but holds the potential for being the most romantic day of the year.

Learning WordPress

Building a Website can be intimidating, but with WordPress it can be made easier. Learning WordPress itself is still a step you have to take, knowing where to start and the steps involved can make some people give up altogether.

Small Businesses Can Find Success with These Recent Facebook Updates

Over the recent months, Facebook has been working tremendously to make advertising on Facebook easier to do. Here are some of the recent changes and updates that have been made to make life easier for the internet marketer.

7 Essential Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Business Marketing

If you’re a business owner, professional or internet marketer, LinkedIn should be your most important and engaged in social networking account. Connections are key to the success of your business and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to build these connections. Many businesses and marketers place most of their efforts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and fail to utilize the impressive marketing abilities that LinkedIn has to offer. LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool for your business and if used properly, can take businesses to the next level.

Twitter Buys Dasient

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Also, it is quite different from most other social networking platforms in the way it operates. However, like all the other social networking sites, it also faces a lot of security issues. To deal with these issues, Twitter recently bought a start-up calledRead the full article  →