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Pay Per Click Advertising and its Benefits – Part 1

Terms like Pay-per-Click advertising and Return on Investment can seem too complicated to people who are yet to be familiar with online marketing. Some people are even discouraged from trying it out due to this. But the fact is that pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a very simple task to understand and execute when you consult the services of an expert.

Pay per click is a method of online advertising where you place your company’s ad in text format on the results page of search engines. These ads are usually aligned on either side of the page or above the search results. Pay-per-click ads usually appear related to the search term entered by the webs surfer. For each click that the user clicks on your ad, you pay a small amount of money to the search engine website and so you have the term pay per click.

There are a number of advantages that pay per click advertising offers to your company’s online presence. Some of the advantages are discussed below.

Faster results

For faster results in generating traffic to your website, PPC advertising can be more effective than SEO. This happens because an SEO campaign takes considerable time for its benefits to show. In pay per click advertising, once you enter into a contract with a major search engine, your website’s ad will be displayed every time a user enters a relevant search term in the search engine. This does not mean, however, that you should consider SEO as being unimportant. Some of the aspects of SEO will determine whether a user who has visited your site should stay on the page or leave as quickly as possible.