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A Replacement for Yahoo Site Explorer

Link research is very important when it comes to SEO and there are various SEO tools available for this task. Yahoo Site Explorer was one such tool that was an essential part of any SEO campaign. However, this tool was disabled recently.

That is why finding a reliable new link research tool has become important, and Quick Backlink Checker seems to be that tool. What is unique about this particular tool is that the creators of this tool, Link Research Tools, claim that it has been made specifically to replace Yahoo Site Explorer.

One small difference compared to yahoo site Explorer is that you will have to shell out a few bucks for an account. This should not be a problem as the charges are quite less. You cannot generate more than 100 reports per month when using the Quick Account.

When you are starting a particular report, you will have two options, you can either review your own URL, or you can go for reviewing the entire domain. The results are delivered quite quickly and the reports generated are saved, though for a short time only.

Data presented to you is for 9 different points and along with these you get the raw links as well. The default display setting is to show the data on a pie chart. You can change the setting to view the data in a grid format. You also have the option of exporting the data in CSV or XLS format. You can use SEO training Canada to learn more.