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SEO and Adobe Flash Clash

Too often, people will come up with a great idea to create a website for their new business. They will contact a web developer who is knowledgeable in various coding platforms. The next step is to give the web developer some basic ideas of what the website should look like, and then they hit the “Go” button.

There is one major flaw with this sequence. No where did the entrepreneur and web developer talk about SEO tactics. If the web developer goes forth and creates a magnificent looking website all in Adobe Flash…then good luck with SEO.

Although Adobe Flash allows you to create animations and really neat looking pages, it does absolutely nothing when it comes to search engine optimization. The reason is that the search engine spiders are able to crawl and gather information from text, but they cannot obtain anything from animations. Your entire Adobe Flash website is seen by the spiders as an animation. As a result, nothing will get indexed, and your great new website will not be ranked well by Google.

Knowledge of SEO tactics is very important before you commence the website development process. Taking an SEO training course or further researching the basics, could prove to be quite useful and beneficial in the long run.