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SEO Training at Toronto SOHO Trade Show

 October 1, 2008 at the Prince Westin in Toronto, SOHO held a conference and exposition for business on the grow that the Academy attended. After attending the opening breakfast with Kerry Munro of Yahoo! Canada, the Academy headed over with the rest of the crowd to the trade show room. Exhibitors had set up their posts with vibrate colours and catchy phrases to attract the audience’s attention. Set up across from TalkSwitch FortKnoxis, the Academy immediately received eager clients and customers asking about their service.

Throughout the day, a constant flow of people surrounded the Academy post, asking questions, receiving professional advice, and exchanging business cards for further inquiries and networking.

At 1:30pm, the co-founders and partners of Wolf21 and the Academy teachers, Barry Byers and Michael Cloke, gave a presentation on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and SEO training. They offered free advice, tips and strategies, and also evaluated websites for free. After returning to their post, more customers approached them about their expertise.

The conference and tradeshow was a perfect time for the Academy to advertise their services to up-and-coming businesses.