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Significant Recent Changes in Google’s Search Algorithm

The simplicity of Google search is based on a complex set of algorithms. Every year, more than 500 changes are made to Google’s algorithm. The search engine giant recently made a number of fresh changes to its algorithm.

While generating page titles, Google takes into account a number of things. The anchor text in links is one of the signals considered while generating the title of a page. Now the emphasis on this signal has been reduced because of less relevance of boilerplate links featuring duplicated anchor text. This will help the search engine generate titles that are more relevant and specific to the content available on the page.

Google has also made a major change in snippets. In order to offer more relevant snippets, more content will now be picked up from the page itself rather than the menu or header. Rich snippets for applications, which allow users looking for software applications to see details such as reviews and cost in search results, were announced recently. Google has now expanded application rich snippet coverage. This means that now more such snippets will be available.

The search engine giant also made a significant change in the fresh content ranking process. The improvement enables the algorithm to assess the suitable level of content freshness for search terms. As many as 35% of total searches are likely to be affected by this change. With Google accounting for more than 65% of all searches, staying up-to-date with these changes is necessary for internet marketers.

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