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Simple Tips To Increase Your Web Influential Factors by Barry Byers

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For today’s post I wanted to provide you with some easy ways to increase the "influential factors" of your Website. What we mean by influential factors are simple yet powerful ways that you can persuade more of your Web visitors to take action, once they are on your Web page.

1. Does Your Web Page Deliver the Message With Simplicity?

This has to be one of the oldest challenges that we see far too often. Remember that when you write to compel a response, your Web page must be easy to understand. The Web is not the place to use complicated language, yet we see still this quite often. It’s nearly like some folks are trying to some how impress their readers with their command of long, multi-syllable words.

This is one place where it can be of value to get the opinion of others on how well they perceive your written message. Bottom line – Keep your message simple.

2. You Won’t Convince Someone That Your Product or Service or your guarantee is "the best," simply by saying so.

The Web is full pages with this type of declaration. Far more effective to somehow describe how your service or product or guarantee is completely different. If you do this properly, everyone will clearly understand those unique aspects and benefits that make you different.

3. Never Stop Building And Enhancing Your Benefits List.

Remember that people will usually make their buying decision based on the value added benefits and NOT just having a low price. This is another reason why your benefit list should never stop growing. Some people claim that a Web page should not be too long, but writing in bullet point format makes an easy to skim list of influential, value added features. A list of at least 25 to 30 bulleted benefits in your copy will build the readers anticipation, but a page that only outlines 2 or 3 benefits will not build the readers desire enough.

4. Clearly Established An Objective for Each Page.

By having your objective defined, it allows you to write your content to effectively fulfill whatever purpose you wish.

For example:

  • Make more sales
  • Capture a list of permission based subscribers
  • Teach readers something helpful (such as offering a tutorial)
  • Answer the most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Dispel Common Misinformation About Any Topic
  • Offer Authoritative and Useful Statistics (something eye opening that helps make your point.)
  • Etc..etc…

5. Remember to use those all important confidence builders

  • Make sure you have a Site Map (great for the search engines, but people use it too.)
  • Use those tiny credit card logos placed near the "Buy now" button.
  • Define your policies with a policy page
  • Give the reader several options to buy
  • Think of ways to offer extra bonuses (free shipping still works.)
  • Remember to include your store location (if you have one)
  • Hours of Operation
  • Phone number

Another thing you can do be sure any critical information is located near the top portion of the Web page (above the fold) so if someone wants to give you call for example, the info is easy to spot instantly.

All of these suggestions are very simple little edits, but if you review your page keeping these in mind, you will see more of your Web visitors taking action. Always remember the idea of providing readers with a non-threatening "reason" to respond now.