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Social Media: A New Era

A new epoch in social media is on the horizon that will force the field to mature. Evolution in the industry will take place because its consumers demand change in the way media and social intersect. Social media’s future can be summed up in a word: value. Without this, businesses with an online presence cannot attract and retain loyal customer bases.

However, a recent study reveals how consumers use social media networks and technology today, as well as patterns of their growth.  Social network growth is now ‘plateauing’ among younger age groups, and user behavior is changing. Internet users are still big on social networking – but they are more realistic and restrained in their approval and adoption of brands. Competition for their attention is fiercer.

It is now obvious that a successful social media marketing campaign involves more than basic fan interaction, smart advertising campaigns, and adding share buttons. Engaging, adapting, learning and action grant social media campaigns more value and this is a never-ending cycle.


Markets look for information and entertainment in brands. Online consumers want brands to offer services that fit well into their lifestyles and want businesses to listen to their views and needs.

As a result, a brand must learn to listen effectively to users’ opinions and make informed decisions based on insights received, preferably with the help of a local search engine marketing agency. It must also keep tabs on how social media impacts the enterprise and, in turn, customer experiences. These changes indicate a new era in social media where relevance and consumer engagement claim priority.