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Some Underrated but Amazing SEO Tools

Our SEO workshop Toronto would be incomplete without giving you exposure to some of the best SEO tools. You will find a number of SEO tools online; some are very popular, while others you may never have heard of. But some of these unknown tools are actually very practical and useful. Here is a list of a few awesome, but underrated SEO tools.


This cool tool can make the task of checking compatibility across different Internet Explorer browser versions simple. With IETester, you can conveniently check for errors as the tool allows you to view different versions of Internet Explorer in side-by-side windows. The cherry on the top is that the tool is available absolutely free of cost. IETester also features a debugging option to help you identify hidden issues.

Shared Content

Shared Content can make the task of monitoring your social efforts a bit easier. You can track the social sharing data of any desired page using this tool. Apart from monitoring the social sharing statistics of your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other social pages, you can even develop your own tools on Shared Count as it has an open API tool.

URI Valet

This amazing tool is a combination of ten structural tools. URI Valet can carry out site reviews, technical audits and much more. It allows you to check the text to HTML ratio, server headers, object details and download speed of any web page.


You can keep an eye on the popularity of all desired brands, URLs and keywords using Blogscape. All you need to do is enter desired domain or term and you will get a list of all its mentions. The information is obtained from various sources including thousands of RSS feeds.