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Using AdWords ValueTrack Parameters

ValueTrack, the AdWords URL-tagging feature, offers useful information on each of your ad clicks. This data can help you optimize your targeting criteria and maximize your ROI. Although a useful feature, its functionality is lesser known compared to other AdWords features. Marketers can currently include fifteen ValueTrack parameters in their ad destination URLs. When aRead the full article  →

Oceana Campaigns Against Google to Get Their Ads Back on Google AdWords

In what could be the beginning of a new and interesting trend, Oceana launched an online action and awareness campaign against Google to get their anti-Royal Caribbean advertisements back into the Google AdWords platform. Oceana, an ocean conservation and advocacy organization engaged in protecting and restoring the world’s oceans, had placed two ads with Google,Read the full article  →

New Google Adwords Video on Quality Score and CPC

Google Makes it Sesame Street Easy to Understand the Adwords Auction.