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How to Make Customers of Your Social Media Fans

If you trawl the net, you will dig up tens of articles on how best to deal with dissatisfied fans on social media sites. You will also find many posts on how to reward your most valuable social media fans and customers. However, there are not many posts on how you can convert these silent followers or casual likers into fans.

Small Businesses Can Find Success with These Recent Facebook Updates

Over the recent months, Facebook has been working tremendously to make advertising on Facebook easier to do. Here are some of the recent changes and updates that have been made to make life easier for the internet marketer.

‘Sponsored Stories’ Lands Facebook in Trouble

Recently Facebook had launched a new feature called Sponsored Stories. Using this feature, brands could post in the news feed of users whose friends had liked or commented upon the brand page. As a result, some people filed a law suit against Facebook, stating that by posting ads which have been liked by their friends,Read the full article  →

Google+ Makes a Big Mistake

Google+ has emerged as the only real contender against Facebook over the past few years. Twitter might have a decent number of followers but it is does not aim to be a social media platform like Facebook or Google+. Facebook has been around for quite some time and is a well-established force. Google+ on theRead the full article  →

Google+ Eases into the Social Network Space

Industry sources that track Internet usage and statistics have reported that US user time on Google+, the search engine major’s new social network offering, has flattened after peaking mid July. The new service seems to be struggling in its efforts to take on Facebook, which is the world’s leading social networking website with over 750Read the full article  →

Google+ All Set to Redefine the Social Domain

Google is all set to take on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with its latest product, Google+. Facebook had successfully ousted Orkut, a Google enabled social network site. Now Google, with Google+, aims to gain the rein back. Google+ is steadily gaining popularity. Although it is not possible for people to joinRead the full article  →