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Encouraging Others to Share your Content on Google+

Encouraging Fans to Share your Content Though Google+ is not yet as popular, worldwide, as Facebook or Twitter, many companies and PR professionals are using it to promote their content. The largest benefit to Google+ is, of course, the fact that it is promoted by Google, the largest and most used search-engine in the world.Read the full article  →

Google+ Makes a Big Mistake

Google+ has emerged as the only real contender against Facebook over the past few years. Twitter might have a decent number of followers but it is does not aim to be a social media platform like Facebook or Google+. Facebook has been around for quite some time and is a well-established force. Google+ on theRead the full article  →

Significant Recent Changes in Google’s Search Algorithm

The simplicity of Google search is based on a complex set of algorithms. Every year, more than 500 changes are made to Google’s algorithm. The search engine giant recently made a number of fresh changes to its algorithm. While generating page titles, Google takes into account a number of things. The anchor text in linksRead the full article  →

Impact of Google Social Search on SEO

In mid February, Google updated Social Search, one of a series of recent modifications. The concept behind Social Search involves Google account holders doing a search and getting the most relevant results combined with those deemed important by Google from your social networks as well. Of course, at present, these new social search results dependRead the full article  →

How Google’s Panda Update Could Affect Your Site

In late February, Google added the Panda or the Content Farmer Update to its search algorithm. This is specifically aimed at nosing out sub-prime ‘content farms’ and rank these poor quality sites lower in Google’s search results. This approach is an effort to decrease search spam, ensuring content of the best quality is listed onRead the full article  →

Google+ Eases into the Social Network Space

Industry sources that track Internet usage and statistics have reported that US user time on Google+, the search engine major’s new social network offering, has flattened after peaking mid July. The new service seems to be struggling in its efforts to take on Facebook, which is the world’s leading social networking website with over 750Read the full article  →

Google+ All Set to Redefine the Social Domain

Google is all set to take on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with its latest product, Google+. Facebook had successfully ousted Orkut, a Google enabled social network site. Now Google, with Google+, aims to gain the rein back. Google+ is steadily gaining popularity. Although it is not possible for people to joinRead the full article  →

Oceana Campaigns Against Google to Get Their Ads Back on Google AdWords

In what could be the beginning of a new and interesting trend, Oceana launched an online action and awareness campaign against Google to get their anti-Royal Caribbean advertisements back into the Google AdWords platform. Oceana, an ocean conservation and advocacy organization engaged in protecting and restoring the world’s oceans, had placed two ads with Google,Read the full article  →

New Google Adwords Video on Quality Score and CPC

Google Makes it Sesame Street Easy to Understand the Adwords Auction.

How Many Links Should You Have On a Page?

Is Your Links Page Starting to Look Like a Link Farm? Google’s Matt Cutts explains why Google Advises you to Keep it to a Maximum of 100 Links Per Page.