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Social Media: A New Era

A new epoch in social media is on the horizon that will force the field to mature. Evolution in the industry will take place because its consumers demand change in the way media and social intersect. Social media’s future can be summed up in a word: value. Without this, businesses with an online presence cannotRead the full article  →

Online Social Activities Affecting Offline Behavior

Social media has become an important part of everyday life for many people. It helps people stay connected, contact old friends and acquaintances, share photos and videos and discuss about everything under the sun. Social media has created such an impact that it now affects even the offline behavior of users. A recent survey conductedRead the full article  →

Effective Promotion through Social Media

Social media marketing is becoming extremely important for companies as there are millions of active users frequenting these sites. Registering the presence of the brand of a company on these websites assures more traffic to a company website. Many reputed brands have been successful in attaining a fair amount of traffic to their pages onRead the full article  →