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Twitter Buys Dasient

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Also, it is quite different from most other social networking platforms in the way it operates. However, like all the other social networking sites, it also faces a lot of security issues. To deal with these issues, Twitter recently bought a start-up called Dasient. Dasient is a vendor for anti-malware to big companies in the field of media, financial services, and online sectors.

The technology of this company will be used by the revenue engineering team of Twitter. This indicates that the main purpose of the technology will be to find malevolent ads that are submitted using the self serve advertisement platform which is quite new. Most of the malevolent ads are those that will start a download when an unsuspecting user clicks on them. These ads have a much larger impact when they go up on sites which are used and trusted by a lot of people. Twitter had also released a tool in 2010 for scanning such ads.

Malicious ads are not the only thing Dasient will be used for by Twitter. It will also aim at solving the issue of phishing attacks that are targeted towards users through DMs (Direct Messages) and @ mentions. These mentions and messages usually entice the user to look at a picture or some quiz. The terms of the deal between the two companies have not been disclosed, but Dasient will not accept any new customers and will be shutting down its business.