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Using AdWords ValueTrack Parameters

ValueTrack, the AdWords URL-tagging feature, offers useful information on each of your ad clicks. This data can help you optimize your targeting criteria and maximize your ROI. Although a useful feature, its functionality is lesser known compared to other AdWords features. Marketers can currently include fifteen ValueTrack parameters in their ad destination URLs. When a visitor clicks on an ad containing these tags, its URL is updated with specific data on that click. You can access this information by reviewing incoming traffic logs.

Ad position is one of the ValueTrack parameters. When you include this tag in your ad destination URL, it will appear as{adposition}. On checking your web logs, you will see something like for individual users. This means that the tag will be replaced with information. In this case, the data indicates that your ad appeared on the first page of search results in the 4th position. If you are new to ValueTrack, you will find the comprehensive help page very useful. Our PPC training workshop offers detailed information on using ValueTrack and other AdWords features.

Based on the technology you use to power your AdWords account and how advanced it is, you may already have access to the data offered by certain ValueTrack parameters. But tags like {network}, {keyword} and {matchtype} provide easy access to basic information on individual clicks. Depending on network, matchtype and keyword used, the value of traffic can vary greatly. In order to effectively analyze, bid and segment your traffic, you need to have this information. Apart from this, ValueTrack provides a lot of other useful information as well including the category of page and domain where your ad was displayed and performance difference between various ad copy versions.