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The Various Social Media Platforms & Their Audiences

Social Media Outlets for Businesslike

There is no doubt that social media platforms are key tools for any business hoping to communicate and engage with a virtual audience. Each of the popular social media platforms today have unique components and benefits to offer, and often enable access to a slightly varied audience platform by platform. This means savvy businesspeople will benefit immensely from assessing and leveraging the special strengths of each to successfully interact with each specific platform’s major user-base. Here’s an overview of the most popular social media networks today, and the ways in which they can be used to target different audiences.

Targeting Professionals with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has established itself as the premier site for working professionals to network with one another, and this reputation can prove useful to anyone aiming to communicate with a more career-focused audience. Engagement is rising fast on LinkedIn, due to the site’s recent shift towards content generation. With an elite audience at your disposal here, communicating information specific to your industry about complex concepts or ideas is more likely to attract the attention of those highly desirable audiences, such as the educated and higher income. This is an advantage that few other social networking sites offer. A Cogent research report suggests that when it comes to promoting brand recognition, LinkedIn is a preferred choice for most marketers, and with good reason.

Tweeting with the Urbanites

More than 80% of Twitter’s users utilize the platform for news consumption. Since a major portion of Twitter’s user-base is located in urban areas, there is an element of the fast-paced, grab-and-go lifestyle involved. The short and sweet format of Tweets magnifies the impact of every single message and ensures that it clicks instantly with the right audiences. In this way, branding exercises can be immensely effective, if the message is carefully and properly delivered. When they are, all the company has to do is sit back and enjoy as one simple, clever Tweet can go viral, and reach a massive audience in a matter of hours.

Facebook is Gen Y Friendly

For a business that hopes to attract a young audience, Facebook should typically be the first port of call, considering that its user demographics prove how much time the Gen Y demographic spends online. Excellent ad engagement rates on Facebook indicate that this site can be a powerful marketing tool, although not every brand may be as successful at striking a chord with its audiences. According to a Business Insider report, brands dealing in fast-moving consumer goods will find Facebook a great addition to their marketing arsenal, whereas luxury brands may care to spend their advertising budgets elsewhere.

Visually Appealing with Pinterest

Despite all the hype about content, pictures still speak a thousand words, and Pinterest has cashed in on this fact in the best possible way. With audiences increasingly turning to their mobile devices to access their respective social networks, it is evident why a visual-centric site like Pinterest is enjoying some superlative popularity right now. According to reports, Pinterest will soon be vying for a top spot among the existing social media networks available today. With a startling high ratio of 72% of Pinterest users being female, brands aiming to satisfy a female audience will do incredibly well by investing time and energy creating pins and boards on Pinterest. Another advantage here is that both younger and older audiences appear to be equally drawn to visuals, thus making Pinterest a viable advertising tactic for marketers.

Sparking Self-Expression via Tumblr

Tumblr has facilitated and encouraged self-expression in a way that no one ever foresaw, and thus can be used to marketers’ great advantage. For those who want to communicate with young adults and teens, Tumblr is an excellent option, especially since it is an easy task to initiate discussion here, and then let your audience carry the momentum forward. With many of the younger generation users being on Tumblr for a good few hours each and every week, there is a great opportunity to form a connection with your audience here, provided the message is being disseminated in a thoughtful and meaningful way.